Drive engagement,

loyalty & revenue

Flexible & dynamic paywall for media companies

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Monetize your readers
with a seamless experience

SmartWall is a dynamic paywall that drives engagement with personalized payment experiences.

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SmartWall is a data-driven paywall
that finds each user's tipping point
towards conversion

Real-time decisioning

Decisioning through machine learning based on user engagement, behavior & more than 150 criteria


Personalization of the SmartWall which boosts conversions (Payments, video views, subscriptions, registrations etc.)

Grow your paying audience & profits,
drive more engagement

SmartWall enables users to pay for single articles, a batch of articles, a timed pass or for a subscription.

  • Use native or custom widgets to give an easier access to your content
  • Monetize 100% of your audience and generate more revenue
  • Better know your users and engage with your audience

Drive your paywall strategy with an
all-in-one dashboard


Set your goals & KPIs


Create your paywalls


Segment your audience


Test & Optimize

Create personalized
payment experiences

Design an infinite amount of experiences (Option sets) that will define how users will interact with SmartWall and your content.

  • Drag & Drop editor
    Design in a few clicks segment-specific experiences. Easily configure option sets and widgets (WYSIWYG) or use our advanced editor (HTML, CSS, JS)
  • Use our native Widgets or build yours
    Widgets allows user to unlock content: 3-click payment, articles unlocks through ad watching, newsletter subscriptions, Anti Ad-Blocking widget, conversational & poll widgets etc.. You can also build and perform your own widgets
  • Fits to your design
    Adapt the graphic style to your visual identity
  • Promote and test
    Promote new offers or subscriptions, test article prices, video campaigns or custom widgets, create targeted campaigns

Design your audience segmentation
& readers' journeys

  • Target profiles and context
    Device, geolocation, browser, user agent, ad blocking users, user source, user scoring, custom variables…
  • Target behaviors
    Detect specific behaviours such as past interactions with SmartWall or your content, past conversions, visit frequency, page viewed, scroll, time spent, user events…
  • Target content
    Target specific sections, content, url, or pages containing specific elements
  • Use third-party data
    Enrich native SmartWall criteria with existing data from CRMs and DMPs

Let your data speak
test, learn & optimize

  • Data insights
    Understand customer journeys and how readers interact with SmartWall and your content. Get an overview of underperforming or overperforming articles within your segments. Identify most loyal and least loyal visitors etc.
  • A/B/n Tests
    Use a test & learn approach, track personalization performance, build and compare 2 or more variations of the same element
  • Intelligent optimization through Machine Learning
    Let our algorithms choose how and where to display your campaigns for maximum conversions
  • Real time statistics
    Make decisions based on reliable and concrete data

as a convenient way to pay

Attention is one of the most valuable assets. Advertisers are looking for premium environments and true attention from users. We provide the advertising market with unmatched attention quality, so that budgets can get reallocated to news media and deliver higher returns.

Use our Advertising widgets to boost your ad revenue.

  • Explicit Opt-in & quality advertising
  • Advertising relevance
  • High CPMs, GDPR compliant, VAST/VPAID compliant

Monetize your
Ad-Blocking audience

Ad Blocking leads to dialogue.

Use our anti Ad-Blocking widget and offer compensation choices to monetize your ad-blocking audience efficiently.

  • Generate massive ad blockers deactivations on your site
  • Generate additionnal payments from users who are not willing to deactivate
  • Detect, measure, test & analyse
SmartWall helps maximize content ROI, it provides users with a great experience while educating them on the incompressible cost of information

Cyril Petit, Editor in chief – Le JDD – Lagardère Active

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