Reinventing the way to
consume news online

by providing easier access to content

At SmartWall, we love the media world and journalism. We intend to reconcile users with paid content by offering them a simple way to pay. We believe that user experience is the key to success for restoring the legitimate value of news content.

the business model of News

We intend to sustainably monetizing the news industry:

  • By maximising user experience
  • By transferring value directly from advertisers to consumers
  • By dramatically increasing publishers revenue
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is a conversion optimization platform for paywalls

SmartWall solution is a dynamic paywall that automatically optimizes settings based on user engagement, traffic sources, type of content and many other data points. It provides publishers and media with a powerful marketing tool to understand and segment their audience in order to personalize their paywall to find each user's tipping point towards conversion.

SmartWall allows publishers to sell digital content without any friction, on their website or their mobile applications. SmartWall technology relies on Machine Learning algorithms, behavioral analysis and reading context to instantly select the best suited advertising, the proper price for news articles or the best subscription offer.

SmartWall allows advertisers to boost engagement and interactions from users through an utmost advertising space.

Innovative monetization

Frictionless payment

With our alternative payment solutions, we bring payment experience up to a level unreached so far.

Quality advertising

Respectful and useful

By giving the choice between payment and advertising, the reader regains power. Advertising gets improved acceptance and ad exposure becomes a form of payment.

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