The future of

We make users love advertising

Direct efficiently the attention

of already captive users

Attention is one of the most valuable resources in the era of fragmented media and audiences.

We give brands the opportunity to be at the heart of readers’ journeys in premium editorial environments.

Become the readers'

preferred option

The Video InWall format, inside the SmartWall, allows users to access the content for free in exchange of viewing your video ad.

  • Out-stream and click-to-play format within a paywall
  • Chosen advertising, opt-in, rewarding and respectful of the user

Higher quality,

more performance

Once the user has chosen to play your video, he watchs it completely or at least during 15 seconds to access the full article.

  • High Viewability, High Completion rate
  • 100% user-friendly

SmartWall combines all benefits

2 video formats for a high visibility



> The logo is displayed, even if the video is not played

> The Banner reminder is displayed at the end of the article

> Programmatic compliant



> No Logo

> No Banner reminder at the end of the article

> Programmatic compliant

“Digitally empowered consumers should never been forced to face advertising. Advertising must be an option and never an obligation. The SmartWall allows us to reach an audience wilfully engaged.”

Richard Briffod,
Chief Marketing Officer at Lendix